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Keisha Lapsley loves life, loves to create, and loves to smile and laugh. Keisha is the "E" in "Write"! She helps writers Evolve, Expand, Entertain, Explore, and Experience writing in creative & innovative ways. Creative writing has been her joy for over 20+ years, including books, stage plays, poetry, music, screenplays, content, & more. She also acts, produces, and directs stage plays and movies.


Keisha is opening a writing academy this year with Catherine Fuentes as her co-pilot. The writing academy has a host of classes writers and aspiring writers alike can take at their own pace or in a class setting. We have an active community that inspires and has a healthy atmosphere for the growth of writers. Each year she hosts a writer's retreat where they can have downtime and a quiet place to write while connecting with other authors who are just beginning their journey or who have been on their journey for a while.

Mentoring writers is a high priority on Keisha's list! She always says, "Anyone can write a good book but we want to write a great one." She knows the only way to write a great book is to get mentored by someone who is skilled in that area to take your good book to a great one. It's her goal to draw out your greatness. There is nothing in you that will stay within you under her leadership. She knows what it takes to get you to your best and will not allow it to stay dormant within you. 

Keisha is also, whom you've come to know as "The Scenarist Explorer." She used to publish and produce other people's literary works and though it was a great journey for her it's with pleasure that it has come to an end. She enjoyed that journey but exploring with the writer in mind has become her new addiction. It's her desire to teach writers in a creative way how to write their books, plays, and screenplays, no matter the genre. She's still well-connected in the publishing industry and can still provide you with the materials and references needed to help you on your way. Keisha wants to serve her clientele in a more creative way in this season of her life.  





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