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The Scenarist Explorer


My Story:

I was never called to sit; I was always called to move - I am a wife who traveled with her soldier for his entire career all over the world. I am a mother who stayed home with her children to make sure they had all the love, support, and stability due to the many deployments of her husband, their father, and his hardship tours. I'm a daughter, sister, auntie, and friend. I'm also a servant of Christ, an entrepreneur, an author, and a writing mentor. 

My whole adult life has been based on taking care of others and their projects at the stagnation of my own. Every time I thought I was moving forward, something happened where it took me ten steps back (you know how that goes). Through all the heartache, betrayal, trauma, depression, suicidal ideologies, disappointments, and frustrations, I lost the very essence of who I was. Simply put, I let everyone use me instead of The One who created me which left me depleted, burned out, tired, weary, and hopeless.

Well, now, IT'S TIME TO BE ME! I've served everyone else all these years. My calling to things and people at one time has now ended. THAT DOOR HAS CLOSED, HUNTY!!! (Insert the mental picture of Ace Ventura, The Pet Detective slamming the door in his landlord's face, TAKE CARE NOW! BYE-BYE THEN!!!) They don't need me and some don't want to deal with me, and IT'S OKAY! Chile, I'm good with it. You - Hear - Me!!! My husband told me that he is happy for me because he's been waiting for me to get to this point for a while now. He been tired of folk, lmbo! 

This brings me to introduce my new business life, my new walk, and my new journey, as "The Scenarist Explorer!"


Recently, the LORD showed me that it is time to close the doors to publishing other people's books and open the door for The Scenarist Explorer. She's a traveling writer. She is a woman who is ready to explore and have different adventures and experiences all around the world and write about them. But there's a difference though. She wants you to take the journey with her through writing.

When we, as writers, pen our fictional, non-fictional, and inspirational stories, it would be pretty cool to have the experience to go with it in real time. It's to get us to think and see things from different perspectives and open our minds, and increase our knowledge base, with an opportunity to feel our emotions and experiences for our characters (within reason). She likes adventure but The Scenarist Explorer ain't that wild and crazy. foolishness! Lbvs

That's my story and I'm ready to travel and go on some fun and amazing adventures! Are you ready to go with me? Join me on TikTok, BePerk, & YouTube to see where I go and what I experience next!

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