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Welcome to PenAverseity Writing Academy!


Keys are very important. We need them to get into our homes, our vehicles, our offices, and our safes, and when it comes to the Kingdom, we need keys to unlock a powerful and anointed walk in the Lord. It is EXACTLY the same thing when it comes to writing. You have the pen and we have the keys to make this a beautiful relationship. 


Our academy provides a few ways to take our courses. You can take only the classes you need, or you can join our quarterly academy class with instructors for your convenience.


The quarterly class provides students with the information, knowledge, and skills to write books of any genre, mentorship, coaching, one-on-one sessions, Q&A, connecting with other students/established authors/publishers, and much more. 


It's not only important to write your book but to be able to sell it after it's written and get into the reach of your audience. The VIP quarterly class provides that as well. 

Let's get started! Our content is about becoming polished, encouraging one another, getting rid of fears, and accomplishing YOUR goal. We are all about interaction and great conversation! We build up as writers. Happy writing!





Writing Academy


Over time our academy will have a total of 47 classes with 5 bonus course modules to aid authors and writers in their writing venture. 

The instructors are well-versed in their craft and skill to teach you what you need to learn so you are able to write a great book, stage play, film script, and more.

You have an audience therefore, you'll want to be sure to present them with the best version of you!

   Some of the Classes We Offer:

  • Plot (The 5 Questions)

  • Commas are Friends

  • Transitions

  • Understanding a Powerful Book Cover

  • Jargons

  • Genres/Styles of Writing

  • Character Development

  • Plus more...

Classes are available at a level for you to pace yourself. They can be purchased individually for your convenience.


All writers aren't beginners and we recognize that so we've created a platform for seasoned writers to refresh their skills with only the training courses they need to stay up-to-date with the writing industry. 

Whether you are a beginner and aren't sure if the academy is for you or a seasoned writer who doesn't need all the classes we offer, you can take comfort in taking classes at your own pace. 

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