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Are you a creative writer? A self-help writer? What do you want to write about? Drama? Scandal? Inspiration? Or fantasy? Will it be a book? Playwright? Or Screenplay? Is it creative? Or technical? And to evolve it into a greater platform? Either way, we are the City that possesses the Keys that you need to win!

KeyCity Enterprise equips the aspiring writer with the knowledge, skill, motivation, dedication, and commitment to learn and successfully write and publish their book. We offer a number of services and platforms geared toward helping you achieve Author status. 


Then we take it a step further by providing the new author with information and connections with publishers. We recognize the necessity to be connected with the best publisher that fits the author's needs after taking our PenAverseity Writing Academy.

KeyCity Enterprise is all about our production side! We provide family fun, clean, and uplifting entertainment. We're constantly looking for actors & actresses for movies, web series, murder mysteries, stage plays and more. 


It's not only important to attain that Author status but to be successful in becoming a well-known and established one as well. This is why we offer multipurpose services to cause YOU, as an author, to succeed. We help to make you a business, not just an author. 

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