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Are you a creative writer? A self-help writer? What do you want to write about? Drama? Scandal? Inspiration? Or fantasy? Will it be a book? Playwright? Or Screenplay? Is it creative? Or technical? Either way, we are the City that possesses the Keys that you need to win!

KeyCity Enterprise equips the aspiring writer with the knowledge, skill, motivation, dedication, and commitment to learn and successfully write and publish their book. We offer a number of services geared toward helping you achieve Author status. 


Then we take it a step further by providing the new author with information and connections with other publishers in addition to ourselves. We recognize the necessity to be connected with the best publisher that fits the author's needs after taking our Keys to Writing Academy.


It's not only important to attain that Author status but to be successful in becoming a well-known and established one as well. This is why we offer multipurpose services to cause YOU, as an author, to succeed. We help to make you a business, not just an author. 

KeyCity Productions, LLC is gearing up for a phenomenal year! 

We're looking for some awesome actors to bring the characters Grant & Stephanie and Joe & Samantha to life. If you believe you have that skill connect with us! 

Casting Information

Essential Characters

Grant - Early 20's, light-skinned, well-built, man

Stephanie - Early 20's, brown-skinned, woman

Joseph - Mid 20's, Hispanic, man

Samantha - Mid 20's, African American woman with long curly hair

Extra Characters (part-time)

Arielya - Early 20's, woman

Ashley - Early 20's woman

Gianni - (Grant's brother) Late 20's, man 

Xavier - Early 20's, man

Clara - Late 20's, woman

Mr. Chase - Late 40's, African American man

Mrs. Chase - Late 40's, African American woman

Ms. Bennet - Late 40's, Bi-racial woman

Mr. Bennet - Late 40's, African American man

Pastor Garnett - Late 50's, man

Co-Pastor Garnett - Late 50's, woman

Pastor Sims - Early 60's, man

Co-Pastor Sims - Early 60's, woman

Mrs. Hernandez - Early 50's, Hispanic, woman

Yessica - Late Teens/Early 20's, Hispanic, woman

Jake - Late Teens, Hispanic, man

Gloria - Late 20's, African American, woman

Mr. McCullough - Late 50's, African American, man

Mrs. McCullough - Late 50's, African American, woman

*Serious Inquiries Only!*

Email KeyCity Productions at

  • Professional Headshot (unprofessional photos/selfies will not be accepted)

  • Acting Resume (only acting information/experience on resume)

  • Either a link to your acting reels/page or send videos through


Have a book idea?

Need help to implement it?

We offer: 

  • Keys to Writing Course

  • Keys to Writing VIP Mentorship

  • Consultation


Who is your target audience?

You could be missing them on other platforms. Don't leave your readers lacking.

We offer consultations on:

  • Author to Business Opportunities

  • Additional Platforms

  • Roadmap to Success

  • Other Publishing Opportunities

Promotional Items

You can't publish a book and not have promo material!

We offer:

  • Book Trailers

  • Flyers

  • Author Business Cards

  • Postcards

Keys to.jpg

The Mentorship course is full of great information that will give you all the knowledge you need to write your book successfully. Course is given on Mondays at 10 AM and 7 PM. 


All programs are non-refundable. Each has a payment plan available. It requires 20% down at the time of registration.  

The VIP course is an intense 6-week program that equips you to write your book from beginning to end within 45 days. It requires serious commitment and discipline. I do not recommend this particular course if you're not going to be 100% dedicated to it. 


Reserve your spot today!

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